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Find the perfect match for your photo gear
Find the perfect match for your photo gear
Find the perfect match for your photo gear

  • Kata 3N1-22 DL Sling Backpack

    Kata 3N1-22 DL Sling...

  • Kata GearPack-60 DL

    Kata GearPack-60 DL

  • Kata LPS-116 DL Backpack

    Kata LPS-116 DL Back...

  • Kata Light Pic-20 DL Shoulder bag

    Kata Light Pic-20 DL...

  • Kata Light Pic-40 DL Shoulder bag

    Kata Light Pic-40 DL...

  • Kata Light Pic-60 DL Shoulder bag

    Kata Light Pic-60 DL...

  • Kata Orbit-110 DL Messenger bag

    Kata Orbit-110 DL Me...

  • Kata Orbit-120 DL Messenger bag

    Kata Orbit-120 DL Me...

  • Kata Orbit-130 DL Messenger bag

    Kata Orbit-130 DL Me...

  • Kata MiniBee-110 PL for DSLR w/70-200 lens + 6-8 lenses

    Kata MiniBee-110 PL ...

  • Kata TLB-600 ProLight Tele Lens Backpack KT-PL-TLB-600

    Kata TLB-600 ProLigh...

Welcome to Katabags

KATA makes advanced cases, camera bags, vests, and carrying systems for photographers, videographers and filmmakers. Tough and lightweight, KATA products offer extraordinary protection for digital photo gear, video, audio, lighting and film equipment and unprecedented comfort for the user. The range of Kata products includes, among others, photo bags,

digital camera bags, video bags, camera cases, camcorder bags, camera backpacks, computer cases, video backpacks, shoulder bags, waist packs, sling bags, holsters, video system bags, camera rain covers, camera gloves, camera guard gloves, tripod bags, tripod cases, lightstand cases, audio equipment bags, carrying and working bags etc.